In our current age, the digital world has become a central part of our lives. We rely on it for just about every aspect of our daily lives, and that includes recruitment. In fact, over the past six years, an astounding 94% of recruitment agencies have implemented digital features to make things easier for potential applicants. An industry that is constantly expanding, the digital world is always looking for more employees to join its ranks and keep things running smoothly. Working in the digital market in the UK is the perfect opportunity, especially because we are one of the best in digital.


Why We are the Best

Last year, the UK was named the best G20 country for starting a digital business. We scored the highest marks for the creation of a digital business environment – from tax frameworks and recruitment, all the way to business and legal efficiency. We are leaders in the digital world, and a lot of it is to do with the fact that we are constantly investing in it.

With more money being invested in digital start-ups, we see more and more talent emerging, looking for new jobs in the digital industry. It’s beneficial for everyone, and helps to create jobs in a world that always needs more. While the initial costs can sometimes be hefty, the public reaps the rewards, both in terms of new jobs and new technology to use.

Of course, the ranking of a country in such votes is often in direct correlation with its overall wealth. As a prosperous country, we have the funds that are needed to invest in these businesses and the new talent that comes with it.


The Joys of Digital Recruitment

More and more people are searching for job applications on their mobile devices or computers, and large numbers of employers have an exclusive online-only application process in place now. Digital recruitment has also taken an amazing turn when it comes to social media, with 74% of young people saying that they found their jobs through recruitment company’s social media. Here are a few statistics for recruitment companies and social media presence:

  • 73% of job applications have been successfully filled through the uses of social media.
  • 42% of companies say that the quality of their candidates has improved.
  • 20% of companies say that it takes less time to hire their candidates when using social media.
  • 31% of companies that used social media to recruit saw an increase of employee referrals.
  • 65% of companies that used social media to recruit compensate employees for referrals


Where We Need to Improve

We may be the best in digital, but we certainly aren’t perfect. There are a few areas that we still need to improve on. Access to finances is proving to be a difficult area, with new businesses (and even existing ones) struggling to get the financial support they need to thrive.

There is also an ongoing issue when it comes to the availability of new workers with digital skills. At the moment, there is a high demand for them in the marketplace, and not enough people to fill the roles – which is great for those who are looking to enter the industry. We are also lacking in entrepreneurial education, which is something that increased media attention can help to fix. Even television shows like Dragon’s Den contribute to the education of the public.


To Conclude

The UK is the best in digital. We offer the perfect opportunities for start-ups to get started and grow, as well as support for existing digital companies. We do have a few areas that need further attention, and with it, we are sure to continue thriving.

Sarah Knight

Marketing Manager

Sarah specialises in: Marketing, Administration, HR, and ad hoc Finance duties



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