Recently, there has been a rise in the number of executives that have been expanding the use of their mobile devices for business aside from the email function. We live in a work environment that is fast-paced and requires us to be constantly on the ball, and executives are no exception to this rule. The use of smartphones to excel at work may be new to executives, but it certainly produces excellent results at fast speeds.


Working on the Go

Using your smartphone can help you to stay updated and keep on track while you are on the go. It’s like the personal assistant that follows you everywhere, and since you have the ability to use advanced voice commands, it often works without you having to flick through applications yourself.

Your phone can send you reminders, making sure that you don’t forget any meetings or important work-related events. Some models will even allow you to work on presentations, spreadsheets, and emails while you are out and about. So, if you are on the train and need to get stuff done, or taking a cab, your phone is there to get you through it.


Better Communication

It provides you with better communication with your colleagues, stakeholders, vendors, and clients. With globalisation being a key part of most businesses, it also means that you can communicate from anywhere in the world with anyone in the world. In fact, this also links I nicely with the above point, as it means you can work from any location with ease.

You will always remain up to date and informed about work meetings and happenings, even when you are not there. If you are working abroad, then there are a number of smartphone apps that can help you out as well. Duolinguo helps you to learn the essentials of a new language in easy to manage chunks, while other apps can translate what others are saying (although you shouldn’t rely on full accuracy just yet).


Organising Yourself Quickly

Organisation is a key part of any executive’s daily life, and your smartphone can help you with just that. Your workflow can be beautifully managed, like a living Filofax that is constantly changing with you. With your smartphone, you can keep track of schedules, allowing you to know what you should be doing, as well as everyone else.

Apps like Trello can be great places for sending ideas to others on your team quickly and efficiently. It works like a giant notice board, allowing team members to pin ideas, finished projects, and questions freely. It works well and can even be used offline, updating when you reconnect. As an executive, you are always driving business, and your mobile device can be a key tool for continuing this when you are away from your desktop.


To Conclude

Top executives are those who use mobile devices to keep their everyday work lives flowing normally and on schedule. They keep your organised, on track, and remind you when you forget something important. You can dictate notes to them, stay in touch from anywhere in the world at all times, and even tweak/plan your presentations on them. In the mobile age, the technology is something to embrace, and it will really help you to run more effectively.

Sarah Knight

Marketing Manager

Sarah specialises in: Marketing, Administration, HR, and ad hoc Finance duties



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