Whether you are a start-up or a recruitment executive for a multinational company, you need to hire the right person for the job. If you hire the wrong person, it costs your company time, money and productivity. Not only that, but to hire someone and then realise that they are the wrong person damages morale; both for the candidate and the existing employees.

With these 5 tips, we can help you avoid hiring the wrong candidate.

  1. Check their references

They may well come across as the ideal candidate on their CV, and then really impress in the interview. However, as you will be aware, it is not unheard of that people sugar coat their CV in order to sway the employer. If the candidate lists referees, this is the opportunity for you to chase up their previous roles and find out how well they faired within that position. Contacting their referees will give you a genuine impression of the candidate, from an employer’s perspective, and hopefully what the referee says correlates with your impression of the candidate. You can also find out why they left their previous job, and whether it was a mutual decision. You can gain a huge insight into the candidate from getting in touch with the referees, so if you are um-ing and ah-ing over one candidate, get in touch!

  1. Interview twice

By interviewing your candidates twice, you can really get to know them and see whether or not they are appropriate for your business. In the first interview, the candidate may impress you instantly, but on reflection, they may have been overconfident. By initiating a second interview, perhaps in a new location/environment with other people, you will get to really know the candidate. They might be extremely personable and come across very well, have remembered details from your first meeting, and this is a great skill that you want from an employee to impress your clients. In changing location, changing the environment, you will get a really good impression of who it is you are thinking of hiring.

  1. Search the web

Everyone has a footprint in this digital world. A simple Google search can reveal much. Do they post content on their social media profiles that have a connection to their profession? This is an indicator for them being passionate about their career choice.  What is their tone of voice? Rough and course language can indicate much. 

  1. Be realistic

A candidate may really impress you on the interview, they could be funny, personable, exciting, and impressive and yet their skill sets do not match up with the position you are offering. So be realistic when making your choices, not optimistic. You might say to yourself ‘oh well maybe they will pick up the ropes really quickly’ or ‘its ok they will integrate well’. If this is the case, you need to be aware that it might be possible that this candidate doesn’t turn out the way you imagined. You need them to fit the role you are hiring for, not just hopefully one day fit the role you are hiring for.  

  1. Use Opilio

Finally, you should have the right partner next to you going through the process of hiring. You may not have the time to interview candidates appropriately, nor the right questions to ask, get in contact with Opilio. We can get the specifics from you as to what it is you are looking for, and then offer the job on our website and social media channels with thousands of followers. When applicants then write to us with their CVs, we can be as loose or as tight as you like as to who it is that we send on to you for an interview. You may want to see the top 3 candidates, or the top 30, either way, Opilio can help save you valuable time and send you exactly who it is you are looking for. This way you avoid hiring the wrong person, as everyone we send to you will be suitable for hiring.


By following these five tips, you will be one step closer on hiring the right person. For any more advice on hiring call us on 0207 183 7145.

Sheba Karamat

Managing Director

Sheba specialises in: Director level position in Marketing, eCommerce, Finance and HR.

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