Firstly, congratulations on reaching the interview stage of a job application! Regardless of whether or not you get the job after the interview, you should be proud of yourself to have gotten to this stage. However, with Opilio’s top five things to say in an interview, you will be as prepared as you can be to not only impress, but succeed.

1. “Thank you for the opportunity you are offering me”

Once you have shaken the interviewers hand and sat down, take a moment to thank them for the opportunity you have been given. It will immediately set you off on a good foot. You know you are appropriate for them as they wouldn’t have asked you to come otherwise, but it will set you apart from other candidates if you thank them before the interview has even begun.

2. “I believe this position will be a career, not just a job”

A company will not be impressed by if they can tell you are only taking the position because you want to pay the bills. The interviewer wants to know you’re invested in the company. You will need to be passionate about the job, and prove to them this is the career path you are looking to pursue. Emphasise how the company is in your future plans and fits with your future values. By referring to the job as a career it shows you are viewing the position in a long term perspective, and not a short term fix, something the company will find appealing.

3. “I work very well with others”

This may seem an obvious thing to say, but it is often forgotten at interviews. Unless you are attending an assessment centre the interviewer has no way of knowing how well you work with others, so you need to tell them. Perhaps use an example to highlight this.

4. “This job will give me great opportunities to learn more”

Flattery will get you far, as long as you’re not being silly! Tell the interviewer how excited you are by this opportunity and how much you are looking forward to learning more about the industry you are working in. Explain how your previous experience has helped you reach the position you are in, but this position would give you a far larger range of experience and comprehension of the industry. You should also explain somethings you are looking forward to learning by joining their team. Whether you are moving from a large company to a small or vice versa, find some things you will learn from this move and express how you are grateful you are to be given this opportunity to learn more. 

5. “Thank you for your time”

I know we began this top tips with a thank you, but we should end it with one as well. There is no penalty for being too polite, in fact, it is something the company should be impressed by. Thanking someone really shows that you are appreciative for the opportunity they have given you, and for the time they have spent with you.

If you follow Opilio’s top five tips for what to say in an interview, you are bound to have as good a chance as any for securing that position you deserve. Good luck!

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