Congratulations on getting to the job interview. As you can see from last weeks blog, Opilio has given you Top Five Tips of what to say in an interview. Now we are going to brief you on what you should not do in an interview. Follow these steps, combined with last weeks, and you will be extremely prepared for your interview.

Do NOT arrive late. First and foremost, BE ON TIME. It seems an obvious thing to say, but still some people manage to be late. If you are travelling to your interview, allow time for your bus/train/lift to be late. You don’t know what is going to happen on the route you need to take, so allow at least 30 minutes room for any delays that could happen. Preferably leave an hour, and if you do arrive an hour early, go and sit in a café and calm those nerves. Try to arrive for your interview 15 minutes early, it shows you are prompt and efficient and that is a great impression for your employer. So the first tip is do NOT be late, under any circumstances!

Do NOT arrive underdressed. An interview is your chance to impress. If you turn up in your lucky trainers and scruffy t-shirt you again make yourself less appealing. If in doubt, wear a suit, or a shirt and tie. For women, it is slightly trickier with a larger range of choice on option but go for a smart, appropriate length, skirt, and smart shoes and a shirt or blouse. Research the company and find out what employees wear to work. A suit might not be the right choice if your interview is at a young, unconventional start-up.

Do NOT say ‘um’ and ‘like’. Just don’t. Using colloquial words like um, yeh, like, could allude to the fact that you are not taking the interview seriously. Worse than that but it could suggest you would not be appropriate for the job, as the company needs people who will impress clients, not put them off by using unsuitable language. Especially if you have applied for a job that required excellent English skills.

Do NOT interrupt the employer. If they are talking, listen, take in what they are saying, and then when they finish, respond. Be polite, and do not interject into the conversation until it is your turn to speak.

Do NOT leave without thanking the employer. Once the interview has concluded, shake the interviewers hand, look them in the eye, and thank them for their time. This means their last impression of you is a good one.

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