There is more to life than just your job, but a full-time role means that you are spending more of your waking hours in the office and with your colleagues than you do at home. This is why it is incredibly important that you are happy in your working environment. But for most people, being unhappy in their job isn’t enough of a reason to quit, usually because we worry that we won’t find anything better. Remember, no job is ever worth your mental health and happiness, so have a think if these 5 signs apply to you.

  1. Snooze

Waking up in the morning is the hardest task of your day? Most of us would love to stay in bed, but if your last thought at night or first thought in the morning is “I don’t want to go to work!”, you should have a think about your job.

  1. I don’t care

Are you actually interested in the job you are doing? Do you enjoy reading news and insights about your sector? This is really important, because if there is no personal interest in your job, you will never fully enjoy it, no matter how much money you get paid.

  1. "You look tired today!"

Is that something you hear quite often in the office? Being unhappy in your work-life will reflect on your looks. Do you gain or lose weight? Does your body ache? Do you have frequent colds and headaches? These are signals of your body telling you that there is something wrong with your psychology and you should just take a moment and evaluate what is going wrong.

  1. Same old, Same old

Are you not challenged anymore? It is quite normal, after a period of time, to not learn something new every day, but you should always look to improve your core skills or picking up new ones. Mostly this is something that you have to drive personally but if these possibilities don’t exist and you are not supported by your company or your manager, it’s a sign that your career development will be stuck at some point.

  1. No new friends

Do you argue with your colleagues more than usual lately? You don’t bother spending lunch hours with them like you used to. This could be a sign to start looking for a new position.


Even if you are happy with your job, it makes sense to evaluate your career every now and then. If you are headhunted there is nothing wrong with going into the process and having a chat with a recruitment consultant. You never know which opportunities you may be missing out on.

If you want to have a chat about your future career, give us a call on 0207 183 7145 and maybe those much-hated Mondays will turn into your favorite days in the week.


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