Finding great candidates is hard work. Once you have found your superstar, you don’t want to let them go. Considering how much time and effort have been invested, you want this person to feel excited about this opportunity. So why do so many companies fail to close the deal after offering their dream candidate a position?

Before the candidate signs the contract there are many things that can go wrong and you could find yourself getting rejected by the candidate.

Here are the top 5 reasons why this can happen, and how to avoid it.


1. Timing - “Time kills deals”

Try to keep the hiring process tight. Once you have made your decision, act quickly and don’t let the candidate wait longer than a couple of days.  Ideally, you should be offering the position 24 hours after the final interview. This shows your determination and will help you get your offer in before the competition. Most probably they will have had more interviews and will receive offers from other companies as well. Be their first choice and make them feel wanted!


2. Engagement - “I’m not feeling it”

Start your candidate journey from the first moment you meet the candidate, because that particular person could be your future teammate. Interviewers tend to be more welcoming in the final interview stages, but this might be too late and the candidate may already have doubts about you and your business.

Make the candidate feel welcome in your office. After the final interview, show them around and even have some of your team members to talk to the candidate. They will remember the atmosphere at offer time.

For the candidate to warm up to the job, give the role a meaning. Tell him why especially this role makes a difference in the world! For most employees this is as important as a good salary.


3. Role - “Not what it says on the tin”

If the candidate discovers that the opportunities or responsibilities aren’t as advertised, or there are hidden issues surrounding the role, they will lose interest in the opportunity.  Spend some time making sure the role spec is as accurate as possible. If they are any potential issues, try and address them internally before you start hiring.


4. Process - “A failure to communicate”

Understand your candidate’s motivation! Why did they apply for this job? Knowing this will make it easier for you to sell the role.

If you are using a recruitment agency, speak to your consultant before formulating an offer. They are the ones who will know exactly how it will be received and can give you great insights. Besides that, they also provide a really useful degree of separation and perspective during the offer and negotiations.


5. Finance - “Show me the money”

Don’t under offer your job. Not meeting the candidates’ expectations will upset them, even if they were motivated for the job at the beginning. If you are using an agency, let them know as early as possible of any variation. They can give you valuable feedback on how the offer will be received, suggest alternative approaches and help manage the candidates’ expectations before giving the offer.


Getting all this right will help you achieve 100% offer success.

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