The digital age is upon us and if you are unable to react quickly enough then you will be left behind. It is highly important for CEOs to be invested in digital if they wish to future proof their legacies. Here are three of the main reasons why CEOs must consider digital strategies if they wish to front a successful company.

Channel Shift

Over the last 25 years, a large portion of the public in the United Kingdom has shifted channels from oral and face-to-face contact to online contact instead. When people want to find something that they need, they turn to the internet first rather than searching through shops. Even if people do not always buy online, they frequently use the internet to find out stock information or compare potential products. Websites and other digital content are currently considered to be important sales drivers. Failing to embrace digital representation could result in a company being overshadowed. If a customer is unable to find your digital content, they may turn to an alternative provider which does offer the digital content that they are looking for.

Agenda Setting

Controlling digital content allows marketing staff to have more control over the external agenda. Digital transformations will allow you to change the way that customers receive information about the company. Cleverly timed new content can help to drive sales and growth by creating a buzz about the company. This content tells people what to think and when to think it. Content can also be used to quickly counter any negative publicity. 

Wide Reaching

It is possible to get information to consumers quickly and easily, without the need to dilute the message. Utilising multiple digital platforms enables marketers to reach a wide audience without the need to spend a huge amount. Embracing a full digital transformation will normally mean utilising a number of different digital platforms, such as website, email and social media accounts. Digital data also allows marketing specialists to easily analyse user data and create targeted content. Clever digital strategists can achieve a huge return-on-investment from digital marketing strategies, because good strategies target the right people at a low cost.

Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd


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