Phone interviews are a great way of finding potential employees, and for the potential employee to find out a bit about the company they are applying too. The phone interview is useful for you as much as it is for the employee. Here’s a quick list of are a list of reasons why and how phone interviews rock.

  1. Set up a timed appointment: Don’t just spring the interview upon them! Fire off a quick email suggesting a time and see how that suits your potential employee. It also allows you to prepare yourself for the interview and know that you will be talking to them without wasting your time. There is not much you can learn about them by having a one way conversation with their voicemail.


  1. See if you ‘Click’: You might be perfect for one another on paper, but when you get talking on the phone it might just not work out. This can easily be established in a quick 20 minute chat on the phone, and save the employee time and effort of getting to your office.


  1. Listen and Learn Together: As much fun as you probably have watching the employee squirm under high pressure questions from you, it might not be as much benefit as you would think. You should approach the interview as though it were a gentle game of tennis, not a golfing range where you fire off balls (questions!) as hard and as fast as possible. It should be about understanding the other person, learning what they have to offer, and listening to one another. Take it in turns and you will both You can also help them to understand the company a bit better, help them learn about you and hopefully make them really eager to work with you.


  1. ANSWER their questions FIRST: The employee probably will be feeling nervous about asking you questions, so get them to do this up front to boost their confidence. It might also save you both time. Imagine you are looking for someone to employ in the next month, but they are in their final year at university and cannot start for six months’ time. It would seem a shame to have interviewed a great candidate only to learn that they cannot actually fill the position.

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