The only ‘Big B’ in the country, Birmingham is known for its diversity. Its passion for food, music, and architecture invites attention. However, today, Birmingham is not only known for its foodies or music and movies enthusiasts, but primarily for its digital sector. Hailed as the “first manufacturing town of the world” during the 18th century, Birmingham was the light bearer of technology, scientific research, and economic development in the region. It accommodated thousands of raw ideas which later manifested into the formation of a diverse array of industries and trade segments.

With a growing talent base of over 20,000+ employees in the digital sector, Birmingham is now considered to the largest technological hub in the UK.

Efforts made to support the Growth of Technical Start-Ups

  • Birmingham, with the support of the Silicon Canal network, organises more than 50 start-up workshops and events every month to promote entrepreneurial efforts. Thousands of such workshops and events have shown visible success resulting in a number of significant innovative technology-based ideas from entrepreneurs. One such notable success was the app Whisk, incorporated with Waitrose and Tesco, to provide online delivery of groceries.
  • Local universities in the region are also breeding grounds for aspiring entrepreneurs to foster active participation in the cause to promote technical start-up activities.
  • Mobile oriented start-ups are promoted among communities at the Innovation Birmingham Campus, with 38,000 square feet of available space.
  • The state has a dynamic momentum with the redevelopment of the New Street Station and core of the HS2 project.


In the years to follow, the growth trajectory in the digital start-ups promises a dynamic boost to the growing UK economy. The new start-ups will come with great opportunities in terms of diversity in ideas, welcoming innovative businesses through entrepreneurs and corporations.


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