…is obviously NOT the subject of my next piece.

You may have read my last blog on how being a Ghostbuster is only marginally cooler than becoming a developer (if you didn’t you can access that piece of literary un-genius here), so I thought I’d write you lovely people another insight into the workings of my mind.

Not so long ago I was travelling home after a late night in the office, listening to Alice Cooper's show on Planet Rock radio *sharp nod in the direction of Bauer Media and the fantastic job you’re doing in maintaining the UK’s only radio station worth listening to*, and on came their introduction after a break "…and now, the man who doesn't have Twitter… because he already follows you. Nights with Alice Cooper."

And this got me thinking - not thinking in a scary way that Alice Cooper was following me home or anything, but thinking about how readily available personal information is on the internet because of the things we post on social media. Now I’m not saying that this is the first time I've ever considered what I choose and choose not to post online, but it definitely sparked my interest in how all this information is being used.

Is it a coincidence that when I log into Facebook I’m targeted with advertisements for Arsenal merchandise, rock concert tickets and guitar exercises? – No.  Am I entirely comfortable with the idea that the information I choose to share online is being collected, analysed, sold and used by advertisers? – Yeah, why not. I mean, it makes more sense for me as a consumer to have adverts for products popping up that correlate with my interests, as opposed to products that I have entirely no interest in.

But on the flipside, this information is clearly being stored somewhere, probably in multiple places. Could it come back to bite you? - Potentially.  But that is a risk that (I hope) we are all aware of and take, in order to participate in the wonders of social media. All I would say is that social media is a medium for us to use and enjoy… perhaps just not too much.

Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd


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