Want to stand out from the crowd? Want your online business to be the centre of attention for all online buyers and users? The smart way to attract traffic to your web page or online business is by determining and then leveraging the right search marketing tools. With a success rate of achieving 51% higher traffic, organic search marketing is the way to go for your business.

In simple words, organic search results are the listings or results turning up on top on search engines due to their keyword relevancy to the searched terms.  In contrast to paid advertising, they are exempted from PPC diplomacies or other monetary payments.

When did organic search become a concept?

The term organic search came into the limelight when internet theorist John Kilroy used these words in his article published in 2004, concerning paid search marketing.

Over the years, Google, Yahoo and Bing had been struggling on how to distinguish paid advertising from unpaid search results as the resemblances linking the two were hardly noticeable for users. So distinctions were made on the basis of different background colours or labelled texts highlighted links or the placement of these paid ads to ease the confusion.

Techniques for generating intelligent organic search marketing

  1. Keywords Enhancement: Defining a keyword list will not only allow your web page to rank high on search engines, but also help user traffic to shift towards your web page. In order to do so, design your content around keywords with high search volume but relatively low competition to increase user visibility.
  2. Work on your content: Good content always stands out. Content writing is a true art form which engages the readers to stick to your page and read till the very last full stop. Once your content goes viral via reblogs, retweets, and shares, Google rewards it with higher rankings according to its designed algorithms.
  3. Meta descriptions: Try to produce convincing Meta descriptions under 150 characters for your web page, defining your offering succinctly while encouraging people to click on your search listing. Add targeted keywords for bonus as they appear in bold on search engines.
  4. Avoid Unethical methods to achieve higher rankings: Most importantly, avoid Black Hat practices. Black Hat refers to malicious practices conducted on the internet. It involves strategies and tactics that violate the SEO guidelines in order to reach high rankingon search engines rather than targeting to the users. They may provide you with short term benefits, but are death to your web page. Google with advanced algorithms may wipe off your website from existence if found violating the ethical codes.


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