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Instagram V Snapchat

Instagram V Snapchat

by Emily Smith - 14th December 2016

Social Media

The battle still commences between the Instgrammers and the Snapchatters as Instagram unveil new features which seem to mirror elements of Snapchat. The online mobile photo sharing app is now adding features which include live video, new messaging features, where messages exchanged between users disappear and a notification to users when somebody has screenshot a picture on their profile. Sound f... Read More

8 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 2016

8 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in 2016

by Yasemin Ozcelik - 23rd September 2016

Social Media Finding a Job Career Advice

When did you last update your LinkedIn profile? People only start putting an effort in updating their profile when they are looking for a new job. But you should try to update your Linkedin regularly twice per year. Because you could be missing out on a lot of other opportunities by not keeping your profile up-to-date. LinkedIn is not only relevant to job seekers but also for problem-solving, ide... Read More

How to Look Professional on Social Media

How to Look Professional on Social Media

by Yasemin Ozcelik - 12th July 2016

Digital Marketing Social Media Career Advice

Your crush is not the only one looking you up on Social Media. 93% percent of recruiters have used social media to look up candidates and 55% reconsidered their decision based on the candidate's social media profile, because of something inappropriate they have seen or found out about the potential candidate. So this means, that you need to keep an eye on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Go... Read More

Digital Brazil - Is this the Next Big Market?

Digital Brazil - Is this the Next Big Market?

by Charlie Cowin - 16th May 2015

Digital Marketing Technology Social Media

It is indeed! With the adoption of technology at accelerated rates in the past years, predications suggest that Brazil will be the new hub of digital marketing. We have all know Brazil for its glorious sports, breathtaking tourist locations, but Brazil has shocked the world with its advancements in the digital landscape and has developed into the next big market for investors and marketers. What... Read More

Advertisement – Waiting for Relevance

by Alex Lawrence - 22nd April 2014

Digital Marketing Technology Social Media

As I impatiently await the start of my YouTube music video, forced to endure some portion of an advert, I will occasionally choose to see it through - enticed by a particularly glamorous beauty product perhaps. But, for all my desire to look fabulous, I remain stationary, waiting for my intended content to resume. Seldom do I watch an advert and instantly feel compelled to go and make the purchase... Read More

Technological advancements in Feudal England that led to the implementation and success of Crop Rotation techniques during the 13th Century…

by Krishan Bhatt - 26th March 2014

Social Media

…is obviously NOT the subject of my next piece. You may have read my last blog on how being a Ghostbuster is only marginally cooler than becoming a developer (if you didn’t you can access that piece of literary un-genius here), so I thought I’d write you lovely people another insight into the workings of my mind. Not so long ago I was travelling home after a lat... Read More

With social media, EVERYONE can hear you scream…or ROFL!

by Charlie Cowin - 25th February 2014

Social Media Hire Digital Talent

In 1997, MacroView made what is now recognised as the world’s first social network called Sixdegrees (look it up, I hadn’t heard of it either!) which reached out to 3 and a half million users. Although it was basic, the structure was there, allowing users to interact with friends and family throughout the world. The site paved the way for a world of profiles which allowed you to reach... Read More

5 Golden Rules for Executive Job Search

by James Heffernan - 23rd January 2014

Executive Recruitment Social Media Finding a Job

It is the time of year when New Year resolutions start to slip, the hastily arranged gym membership seems like a bad idea, and a dry January starts to become very boring. But perhaps this is one resolution that you should stick to – permanently. With fewer roles at the top of the ladder than at the bottom, the world of Executive Recruitment is fiercely competitive and to the outside world c... Read More


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