The long heralded 'death of the PC' is fast approaching as PCs become workstations and mobile devices become de rigueur for the user who is increasingly using their tablet in front of the TV or their smart phone while on the move. With the anticipated, almost certain, final breath of the PC there has been a huge leap in job applications and searches coming from mobile devices.


It isn't just about reachability - mobile oriented recruitment can cost far less and have a far higher success rate than when via heavy old PC oriented systems. It is reckoned that for as little as 20% of the cost of a full blown PC oriented website recruitment system you can have a 500% - 1000% greater conversion rate from website hit to application through a mobile site.

Get in before it gets old!

It might be an idea to jump in quickly before mobile application systems become as ubiquitous as selfies - only 26 of the US Fortune 500 companies have optimised their job application systems for mobile use thus far, but market research suggests that mobile recruitment may be the new buzzword by the end of the year as a recent survey suggested that 62% of HRs feel that this will be the top trend of the year.


LinkedIn took quickly to mobile apps and is now one of the top recruitment platforms globally. A recent survey among its users suggested that 28% of the social network's users are active job seekers. Their research also suggested that a simple, smooth application process improved conversion rates. Essentially, writing a simple app for LinkedIn without lots of steps and bureaucracy will draw in and keep the best applicants. This has always applied; baffle and annoy your website users and they will click away from the page. Mobile users are just as fussy.


Though Apple led the way into the brave new world of mobile application and platform use, there is roughly a 50/50 split between Android and iOS users. Again, with Android platforms being cheaper and more diverse, Google is on a charge in this respect - Apple may lose its grip on the mobile market soon, so making as good an app for Android as you would an iOS device is key. If you market well for this ever-growing audience you will get the best candidates - no one loses out from a cheap and effective new mobile application process!

Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd


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