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Digital Recruitment Blog | Opilio Recruitment - London

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Should We Recreate Silicon Valley Or Find Our Own Recipe For Success?

by Ben Stinton - 18th February 2014

Technology London

In the rush to become a centre for technological innovation, cities around the world have looked to clone Silicon Valley in the hope of achieving the same success. London's Silicon Roundabout is a classic 'clone Silicon Valley' where tax breaks have encouraged a nucleus of innovators.What are the Ingredients for a Clone Valley? A piece on the BBC website asked top IT executives what ingredients m... Read More

The Growth of the Contractor in the London Tech Market

by Richard Gale - 20th January 2014

Technology London Hire Digital Talent

As a recruiter who has worked in the London Tech Market for the last few years, I’ve seen a clear trend towards contracting amongst the developers; for some technologies (Ruby and Android, for instance), the market is now so heavily biased towards contractors that finding permanent developers can be a real challenge. It’s not hard to imagine why many developers (many of whom have been... Read More

Independent Indie or Group Unity?

by Vinay Basra - 13th January 2014


Recent talks of All3Media in [speculated] acquisition talks with FremantleMedia bring into question the values of staying independent for production Indies. While neither parties will confirm or deny, FremantleMedia are set to acquire All3Media, for a price in the region of £500million. Both ‘prodcos’ have many established companies underneath their corresponding umbrellas; i.e.... Read More

Top 5 Alternatives to London's Silicon Roundabout in 2014

by Sheba Karamat - 11th January 2014

Technology London

Where tech start-ups originally clustered around Silicon Roundabout for the proximity of clients and the low rents in the area, costs are now exorbitant, with one desk costing the same as a decent sized office elsewhere. Young companies have started looking at alternative locations to minimise their outlay on office space and maximise their outlay on what counts - their product! So without further... Read More

Does your career need to visit Tech City and go round Silicon Roundabout?

by Tom Barter - 14th October 2013

Technology London Career Advice

The interest generated in the last few years has led to many new crusades to help the industry flourish. This has included the formation of the TLA to guide and influence new start ups. This experience available for businesses will surely aid your growth in knowledge and your CV. The TLA is something which gives Tech City a leg up over other emerging hubs in the UK as it has some of the leading gl... Read More


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