The battle still commences between the Instgrammers and the Snapchatters as Instagram unveil new features which seem to mirror elements of Snapchat.

The online mobile photo sharing app is now adding features which include live video, new messaging features, where messages exchanged between users disappear and a notification to users when somebody has screenshot a picture on their profile. Sound familiar?

It’s not a new thing for Instagram to take ‘inspiration’ (is that the new word for cloning?) from Snapchat as back in August they debuted Instagram stories, which allows users to share photos and videos but disappear after 24 hours.

Cloning wars have been around for some time, remember when it was only Twitter who used hashtags, and now Instagram and Facebook have also jumped on the bandwagon. #Guilty

Oh and let’s not forget the when Samsung infamously created S Voice, which was strikingly similar to Apple’s Siri.

Shock. Horror.

When somebody creates a fantastically hit idea, be sure that another Joe Bloggs is going to come around and try to take that idea one step further.

But how is this even allowed I hear you cry!

Professor Arti Rai says that copyright and trademark laws do not protect features such as Snapchat Stories given the intrinsic differences between both apps. Ideas can be very vague and ambiguous concepts, and because of this they cannot be protected by the laws. Instagram, which is a mega online platform where users share insights to their lives through pictures and videos on to their profile; similarly, on Snapchat users do the same but they disappear after 24 hours. So, the idea is the same but the expression is different.

So there we have it, but the real question to ask is who will prevail in cloning wars? #WatchThisSpace

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