Your crush is not the only one looking you up on Social Media.

93% percent of recruiters have used social media to look up candidates and 55% reconsidered their decision based on the candidate's social media profile, because of something inappropriate they have seen or found out about the potential candidate.

So this means, that you need to keep an eye on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ profile while applying for a role. We are not even mentioning LinkedIn since it is meant for business only and you probably already know that you shouldn't post Drake quotes on there.


Don't worry, this doesn’t mean that you should start posting images of yourself in a suit, helping in a soup kitchen.


But with these 5 easy tips, you will make a good first impression in the online world, without giving up your social media personality.


  1. “Hey, that’s me!”

The most important rule is: Look yourself up on the world wide web! Facebook gives you the option to look at your profile from the view of other people. So you will actually get an idea which content is visible to employers. Google yourself as well to get an idea about the impression your online profile gives to others. And improve it if needed, so those pages don’t rank on Google's first page.


  1. “This profile is private.”

Would you want your half drunk, last birthday picture to be seen by your next employer? Probably not. But your best friend left a hilarious comment underneath it and you don’t want to delete it either?  Then just put your privacy settings in place. You can keep your pictures private or only seen by a certain audience on Facebook. With Instagram and Twitter, you have the opportunity to keep your profile completely private. And let’s be honest, you probably didn’t post anything on Google+ anyway, so just keep it that way.


  1. “Cool cover picture.”

By now, you probably already know that some pictures are still visible to the public even though your profile is on private. For example your profile and cover picture on Facebook. Those 2 pictures should be as neutral as possible. It can still look like you are having fun, but it should at least be an appropriate picture.


  1. “Did I say that?”

Remember that Tweet you sent to Kim Kardashian back in 2007, praising her derriere, but not using any commas or correct spelling?  We are sure she was flattered, but you should still have a look at older tweets and posts. It may be funny for a 19-year-old to tweet about those things, but not for someone who is almost 30. And even though it's not a formal environment you should know that 61% of employers are turned off by bad spelling and grammar.


  1. “So relevant!”

And the best advice we can give you is to try to post content that has a connection to your profession. This demonstrates both your passion for your career and that you like to keep up to date with all the latest developments in your sector. Are you an HR Manager and there is a new hiring law coming up? Why not tweet about it once in a while?


Your social media profiles are your online identity, with lots of valuable information about you and your life. Even if you are not looking to apply for a new job, your current employer might have a stroll through Instagram one day. And you should be prepared.






Ami Tyerman

Recruitment Consultant

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