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Good Advice Interviewers Would Give Candidates!

by Sheba Karamat - 28th October 2013

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In a good interview, the candidate should be doing most of the talking. After all, it is about them, their skills and their experiences and how they could be a good fit. However, there are a few things Interviewers would love to be able to tell candidates that could help ensure basic mistakes are avoided:

Be conscious of your likeability
Seemingly obvious but vital - we all want to work with people we like. Smile, make eye contact, sit forward in your chair and be enthusiastic. Show that you are really are interested in making a connection and be responsive.

Stand out from the crowd
It is so important that you make a lasting impression, as sometimes there are 8 – 12 candidates being interviewed for one role. What are you going to do to make sure that you stand out from the crowd? Get some ‘hooks’ - something that makes you memorable. Are you the “guy that raised money for charity” or “the lady that ran a triathlon” or “the woman that spoke three languages”?

Avoid negativity
This is biggest faux pas in an interview. You simply must not be negative about your previous employer, current situation or people you work with. Whining and moaning will make you an instant no.

Ask well thought out questions
How can anyone expect you to take a job if you have not asked some relevant questions? It may be disconcerting to the employer if you are willing to take a job without really getting to understand the company culture, who works there and what they like best about the company. Be prepared and ensure your questions are targeted to show you are taking this interview seriously.

Do not ask only self-revolving questions
Your questions should not be all about how many holidays you will get, if there is flexible hour’s policy and what bonuses are available.

Bring examples of your work if possible
Showing an interviewer that you have put some real thought and effort into trying to get this job will enhance your position. Bringing in examples of your work / projects / portfolio is just an excellent way to demonstrate that you are really interested and keen to show how you approach your work.

At the end, interviewers want to know if you want the job
Hopefully by the end of the interview you will know whether this job is for you and whether it is something you are keen to progress with. If the answer is yes then say so. Express your interest to the interviewer, make your position known, as this may be your last opportunity to tell the person that makes the decision that this is the job for you.

Follow up
Dropping an email, even if it is through your Recruitment Consultant, can really make a big difference. Letting your interviewer know that you are really keen after the process has finished will again bring you to the forefront of their mind.

Though a lot of this is common sense, over the past sixteen years I have heard of some extra-ordinary examples of how the basics are forgotten during the pressure of the interview. Preparation is the key to success.

If you need any further information or would like some further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us at Opilio Recruitment.

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