You’re probably sick of hearing about Brexit. We know we are. However, being in the recruitment sector gives us the insights we can share with you on this topic, as it is our profession to help you get a job in the UK whether you are a British citizen, or an EU citizen.


The way most people see it is that both firms and their employees need to know who can live and work in the UK, now and in the future. With the talks of free movement becoming more restricted across the EU, and the current economic climate of skilled trades being already in short supply, many are concerned this will make the problem even more severe. We have already seen the slowdown in the rate of growth of EU worker migration, (as evidenced by) eastern European nationals working in Britain falling by 5% last year. As a result, Employers are finding it harder to fill jobs, as workers become more reluctant to move jobs and EU nationals fret over (these) future immigration rules. From the statistics it is evident to see that Brexit is having this impact on the UK job market.


On the other hand, news sites are reporting that Downing Street is braced for heavy pressure from them (the Cabinet’s Brexit negotiations) to allow EU workers to continue coming to the UK, and it is also believed that both southern and eastern European states are demanding continued access to Britain’s jobs market for their citizens. Good news for both EU citizens and the recruitment industry alike. BBC takes this further, noting that A joint document said both EU Citizens and UK nationals can continue "to live, work or study as they currently do under the same conditions as under Union law"…Confirming that EU and UK citizens have free movement of rights until the day the UK withdraws from the EU - 29 March 2019…Anyone who arrives before Brexit day will have the right to stay.


While the whole process seems to be somewhat unclear at present, it has been outlined that it will need to be made “transparent, smooth and streamlined.” All in all, now is like a great opportunity to take the leap to the UK, or remain in the UK noting the current climate and requirement for skilled trades including the digital sector, with a small majority (56%) of employers report that they are currently having difficulty filling vacancies in their organisation.



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