Most businesses offer employees benefits over and above a salary. Nothing unusual there – car allowance, pensions and bonus schemes and so on. Increasingly however some firms are going the extra mile and offering benefits that are, well, on the unusual side. We’ve found a couple of examples. Now the cynics among us might wonder if some of these are aimed more at garnering positive PR for the companies involved rather than benefitting employees but our recent blog Happy workers work 12% harder highlights research from the University of Warwick that quantifies that happy employees work harder.

Brewery gives time off for new puppy owners

BrewDog (a Scottish brewery) added a week’s leave for new owners of a puppy or dog to their employee benefits. This sounds awesome – as does their corporate aim of being the “best company to work for, ever.” With aims like this we can forgive them calling this pawternity leave! Full story on the BrewDog blog here.

Events company gives staff unlimited holidays

Red Frog Events are dedicated to providing their staff with the “World’s Best Benefits” package to their full-time employees. As well as unlimited holidays employees can benefit from working from home one day a week and a one-month paid sabbatical after five years as a full-time employee. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it but don’t take our word for it though – check out their website here.

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