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The Job Market in the UK – Is it Getting Better Out There?

The Job Market in the UK – Is it Getting Better Out There?

by Megan Douglas - 18th September 2015

Finance Finding a Job

So is it, really? The question at hand cannot be answered or viewed from one perspective alone. This involves an in-depth analysis of all job sectors of the UK that contribute towards employment, graduate job, service jobs, industry-specific jobs, to name a few. The overall stance of the UK job market indicates a stronger position as it has been on the rise following the bumps during the General... Read More

Crowdfunding: Bang for your Buck.

Crowdfunding: Bang for your Buck.

by Philip Shepherd - 13th March 2015


There seems almost no downside to crowdfunding campaigns. Crowdfunding is relatable as you, the investor, help out a person or business with whom you then get to know through crowdfunding websites. They offer details of themselves and their product and you offer them money to help fund their dream. Let me first explain a bit about how crowdfunding works: A potential company asks backers for mone... Read More

The Dos and Don’ts of Crowdfunding.

The Dos and Don’ts of Crowdfunding.

by Philip Shepherd - 13th February 2015


Crowdfunding is a great way to kick start a new product or a new company. Here are some simple tips of dos and don’ts for those new companies. DO - conduct market research. By doing this you can build an audience that you want to target. If your audience is excited about the product they are far more likely to invest big amounts as they will care for this product. If you design somethi... Read More

Accounts Payable | 6 Secrets To Getting That Job …

Accounts Payable | 6 Secrets To Getting That Job …

by Vinay Basra - 6th June 2014

Finance Finding a Job Career Advice

I thought that title might grab your attention; there isn’t much of a secret; just clear precise details, which represents your skill sets as an Accounts Payable Clerk, to your potential employer. True, there may be volumes of screening before your CV is presented to the actual hiring manager – You may be thinking a complex programme highlighting specific keywords or your CV being lost... Read More

FCA Takes The 'Crowd' Out Of Crowdfunding? Don't Be So Sure...

by Vinay Basra - 18th March 2014


The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) dropped a bombshell on crowdfunders last week with new regulations designed to limit the amount that private investors could invest in crowdfunding. Many pundits initially reacted with dismay, saying that it 'took the crowd out of crowd funding'. Don't be so sure - there is a loophole in the regulations which you could drive a double decker bus through. The G... Read More

A New Day, a New Dawn in the World of Accounting & Finance

by Nada Ward - 30th January 2014

Finance Technology

Hopefully, those of you completing on-line tax returns for last year will have done them by now and you'll be wondering what 2014 has in store for the world of accounting and finance. Well, the good news is, the IMF has just increased it's growth forecast for the UK, now predicting a nice growth of 2.4% which is a great deal better than the previous 1.9%. Business investment remains relatively wea... Read More


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