The interest generated in the last few years has led to many new crusades to help the industry flourish. This has included the formation of the TLA to guide and influence new start ups. This experience available for businesses will surely aid your growth in knowledge and your CV. The TLA is something which gives Tech City a leg up over other emerging hubs in the UK as it has some of the leading global tech companies and influencers behind it.

The rapid growth has led to parallels to Silicon Valley being dropped however the importance is still kept in high regard. But for the time being, Silicon Roundabout will be the melting pot for tech start ups in London and is stealing a march on the rest of Britain’s cities. Hardly surprising. But hold your horses if you think tech city is Britain’s standalone tech hub. Other hubs are creating a buzz in artisan cities such as Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle. So do not fret if you find yourself outside The Tech City Walls.

According to the latest government figures (Dec 2013) there are now 582,000 people employed in the digital media, mobile and technology industries in London. so if you are just starting out on your career adventure, it’s definitely a destination you want to approach soon. If you’re a seasoned pro it’s wise to keep an eye on it, but don’t fear if you’re not in there just yet. 

Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd


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