Over the past 2 years, digital marketing has been growing due to technical developments and current trends. With the introduction of real time bidding to the world of mobile advertising, using the data and insights gathered through desktop RTB, customers can be reached and retargeted to where they spend the majority of their online time.

This would bridge the online/offline gap in marketing by helping drive footfall as well as online actions. It also allows the correct message to be delivered at the correct time, thereby moving it from being perceived as an annoyance to being relevant to the customer.

Mobile retargeting within real time bidding is key in retaining customers, or bringing back the individuals who have shown an initial interest, by serving relevant and well-timed ads at a time and place when the customer is likely to convert. If the action driven is an online one (pre-booking through app or site) there would be a positive impact on online revenue as well as on the number of returning customers or lifetime-value of customers (in the case of retargeting). 

With technological developments such as Geo-targeting and micro-targeting, GPS data in mobiles is able to increase the understanding of customer behaviour, allowing brands to be even more granular and relevant in their targeting and ad messaging.

New tech, such as iBeacon allows for brands to section off a small area around or within their offline location and communicating with customers within this area through Bluetooth Low Energy.

With these developments continuing to grow into key tools within the world of digital marketing, who knows what 2014 will hold, helping brands engage with more people, from a smaller pool, in more places!

Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd


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