It is indeed! With the adoption of technology at accelerated rates in the past years, predications suggest that Brazil will be the new hub of digital marketing. We have all know Brazil for its glorious sports, breathtaking tourist locations, but Brazil has shocked the world with its advancements in the digital landscape and has developed into the next big market for investors and marketers.

What makes Brazil the next big market? Following are the reasons:

Data Driven Market

The race to turn data into actionable information has given the companies a chance to integrate their business strategies. The Smartphone industry i.e. the users of mobile apps observed a growth of over 76% in 2013-2014 , out of which, most were shopping apps. With over 65 million users, Brazil ranked second as Facebook’s largest market and is significantly growing. As for YouTube users, the country again ranks as the largest market after USA.

The Internet of Things

Personalised marketing provides an opening to brands to create more significance with customers. This is only possible in conjunction with smartphones and Brazil has shown a staggering 115% rise in the use of smartphone in the last year alone. The IoT promises a trillion dollars worth of new markets for brands to surf this arena.

Programmatic Media

Advertising in Brazil and continues to gain traction at a phenomenal pace. Advertisements in Brazil on programmatic media such as TV have the same effect as football in UK. TV accounts for almost 70% of advertising as Brazilians are fond of watching sports and screen adaptations of novellas.

Brands are researching the marketing needs and characteristic of their consumers and are fulfilling them at the right time in the right place using the right medium for communication.

Relevant Content

The modern systems of web content management promise the ability to deliver both online and offline content which will enable brands to target their products in myriad ways. With better technology and the right content, brands will be able to target their markets more efficiently.

Social Media Advances

Twitter activity is at an all time high, with a staggering amount tweets and retweets observed particularly between soccer matches and soap operas. It gives brands a free hand to learn and properly channel those experiences into their advertisements, ultimately generating higher sales. 

To conclude, investors and corporations are jumping to the opportunity to invest and advertise their brands in the Brazilian digital hub as it promises a prosperous future for digital marketing.


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