Very few cities have been through such a period of transformation like that of Birmingham’s over the last decade. With the introduction of a new Bullring shopping centre, central train station and Library the city has undergone a radical make-over. In addition to this, the planned high-speed train line (HS2) is going to make commuting between the capital and the country’s second city faster than ever. And part of Birmingham’s “Big City Plan” is to become recognised as a global Tech hot-spot.

In the next 5 years, the City that introduced the world to the Industrial Age is now transforming to keep up with the modern day digital counter parts of Silicon Valley in California’s and London’s Silicon Roundabout. That’s right; the birthplace of the likes of Ozzy Osbourne and J.R.R. Tolkien is now aiming to create a world-class tech ecosystem to rival that of our friends over the pond.

Nicknamed Silicon Canal, Birmingham is now welcoming a wave of exciting new Digital Tech companies who benefit from fast developing professionals and lower running costs than what would be expected down South. With established Agencies including MediaCom and McCann Erickson taking advantage of this developing market, the number of young professionals looking to move into Birmingham from throughout Europe has quickly increased.

At such an exciting stage of its development, it’s great to be involved with the changes that the city is going through. And if you are excited by these changes, and want to learn more about potential opportunities, as ever, I’m always free for conversation! (You can catch my contact details here.)

Charlie Cowin

Associate Director

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