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Content Marketing | No Clichés, Just Good Content

by Charlie Cowin - 20th May 2014

Digital Marketing

This highly advanced, ground breaking, best ever blog written by Opilio Recruitment will bore you to tears if I continue to drop clichés in my writing. Exclusively written for you, this unique blog will suggest a simple technique for writing an engaging and informative piece which will blow you away; use words other than the obvious to tell the world about your new product.

Overblown language full of clichés is far more likely to get ignored than an original piece of text that tells it like it is. Let us imagine that you are writing content on the internet’s favourite topic - CATS! You are trying to promote a cat food price comparison app.

Firstly, you must know who you are writing for - the language they are accustomed to and the tone of voice that the app wants to be associated with.  Secondly, you'd probably look to aim it at someone like the famous TV cat psychologist Jackson Galaxy. He will receive a thousand press releases a day, so you have to get him by the whiskers immediately. Below is an example of how to avoid clichés while keeping the engagement level high.

"Save money on your moggy's favourite grub! This app on iOS and Android will save you hundreds a year by showing you where their favourite food, at the cheapest price, can be found in your local area. This will drive luxury cat food prices down, making it far more affordable to feed even the fussiest of cats!..."

Did I use "best ever", "unique", "ground breaking" or any other cliché? No. Simple, direct, and interesting language grabs and keeps the reader. A reader you keep is far more likely to buy into your product. This is how well used language, without overused words, converts into leads, into sales and then into money in the bank.

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