Having recently attended the 2018 Marketing Technology Expo we have been floored by the sheer growth of the industry. We understand so many people might be overwhelmed with the information, so we want to help break some of it down!


Scott Brinker from chiefmartec.com has completed several Marketing Tech Landscapes over the past 7 years and has made some interesting discoveries since August 2011 to May 2017, including an increase in the amount of marketing technology vendors by more than 3,233%. Yes, you read that right!


Technology changes at such an exponential rate, but as humans we can only change at what is known as an Organisational Rate. So how do we overcome the stats?


Well the answer is quite simple:


  1. Work with the rest of your company for a total end-to-end experience.

There several points of contact a customer will have with your brand. Establish these critical moments, and what teams within your company can affect the experience, and work together with them to build the requirements of your end goal. Having these requirements focusses your aim on the experience rather than the product and you can see more clearly which technologies will match your needs.


  1. Adjust dynamics based on feedback (your yearly marketing strategy does not need to be seen as your bible).

Absolutely key to establishing which marketing technologies you need is based on functionality of the current systems you have in place. As Forbes notes, “Follow the Numbers…Executives can chart and graph trends, turn popular decisions into readable algorithms, and create strategies for their specific target consumer.” Analytics can tell you both where you are doing well, and what is failing, or not doing so well. (To establish which Marketing Technology you need to scrutinise your analytics, if you have nothing in place look for free trials, and most social media platforms have their own insights/analytics pages to help you specifically on their platform).




Keep in mind that large-scale technologies can take time to implement. One survey that was done, expressed by Scott Brinker in his talk at the Marketing Technology Expo pointed out that 42% of respondents said that from time or request to deployment in their company it took 6 to 12 months. A further 25% said it took over 1 year!


Finding the right technology for your company’s MarTech Stack could take time, and most importantly, trial and error. Doing your research is absolutely key to getting it right, especially checking implementation with your IT department and also the company who are providing the product with integrating technologies you already use. Furthermore, timing of implementation is also significant, so many organisations wait until they’re fire fighting, whether it’s because they’re losing ground to the competition or because there’s an obvious problem with outdated technology. A measured, strategic approach before a problem is evident might sound like a luxury, but it really isn’t.




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