It’s pretty exciting - and scary! - when looking for work. It tough out there. There’s a lot of fierce competition and you don’t want to blend into the background!

Try these 5 techniques to always get a response:


  1. Always write your contact details on your CV

This seems fairly obvious… But, after working in the digital recruitment industry for a few years you can see how a CV can get disconnected from the platform it was originally on. The original platform may have carried the details, but if the disconnection does occur, a hirer or recruiter may have your fantastic CV with no way of contacting you! It’s always better to be safe than sorry, don’t miss out on your dream job (see our blog on 5 ways to find your dream job here).


  1. Be as open as possible with your recruiter, they are there to help you

While recruiters do have an ‘interesting’ reputation – best not to Google that! – sometimes it works both ways. While you want to get to know your recruiter, they need to get to know you. Tell them about that gap in your work history, or about the redundancy that you just went through (one person’s “three months looking for a role after redundancy” is another person’s “taking a three-month sabbatical to reassess and research your next career move). Your recruiter needs to know so that they can help and prepare you to get that job you really want, and, more importantly, to make sure the job is the right fit for you as well! (See our blog on the top 10 questions that are asked at digital job interviews to show you how one of our digital recruiters can help prepare you.)


  1. If you have a covering letter, make sure you tailor it to THE job spec you are applying for

If your job comprises multiple functions – and let’s face it, who’s doesn’t these days? – make sure you tailor your CV specifically to the role. For example, if you do both Technical and Marketing – you should have two CV’s as well as covering letters, one tailored to the technical aspects of your job that show how you perform these duties that correlate to the job spec your applying to, and vice versa for the other half of your role. While it is good to show how you are versatile you don't want to put off the recruiter/hirer by making them think you have spread your role too thin and are not capable of doing things in depth, see more tips to sell yourself in your CV here (and 7 things you shouldn't include on your CV!).


  1. Make sure you fit 75%+ of the job spec/requirements

This follows on from tailoring your CV. It is really difficult to get a recruiter to look past your Key Skills, or the most recent work experience on your CV if you aren’t ticking their boxes. It’s best not to apply for a job if you don’t fill a large part of their skills, not just because it’s unlikely you will get the job, but because you are also wasting your own time too. Ensure you can do a large part of the job role they require, and then tailor your CV to that, keep in succinct though, it’s true that people don’t read beyond page 3 of a CV!


  1. Follow up with the recruiters/company with a phone call after you apply, don’t wait for them to call you

Remember that DIY home improvement you were going to do 8 months ago, or that phone call you were going to make two weeks ago? Sometimes life just gets in the way. With our modern society becoming so hectic sometimes it is hard to keep on top of things. This can be the same for recruiters and company’s alike. Pick up the phone, give them a call. The two most important things in doing this are that you are showing your initiative, confidence and enthusiasm for the role by doing this. Also, you can gain vital feedback to learn and grow from your experience.


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