Come on, we’ve all been there, done that and worn the t-shirt and the t-shirt is probably ripped to shreds now. Which is perhaps what a lot of people want to do to recruitment consultants! But is it fair to say all recruitment consultants are cut from the same cloth?

Recruitment does have an ‘interesting’ reputation (just Google it for yourself) but that’s not to say there aren’t any professional recruiters out there. The issue is that some cowboy recruiters, don’t have knowledge of their market, aren’t about building long lasting relationships with clients and candidates and are more interested in placing a body into a role, rather than taking the time to get to know what key drivers are in the decision making process for both parties. 

However, just because the minority might be behaving in a certain way does not mean this is accepted widely across the sector.

Just as recruiters search for good candidates by networking, candidates should also pick and choose who they speak to. If a recruiter is calling you about a driving role and you’re in the banking sector, let that recruiter go. Abort mission. Wave goodbye and speak to someone worthwhile, don’t think they’re all like that!

Put on that Sherlock hat and look for signs, notice if the recruiter is calling you regularly, if he/she is updating you on the role you have been put forward for. Unsuccessful? Then you should be given a plethora of feedback so you know where you can improve for next interview.

Ultimately, the recruiter is there to assist you in finding your next dream role. We’re not all a bunch of evil, annoying and useless individuals which the google search seems to suggest!

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Jeena Minhas

Recruitment Consultant

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