I thought that title might grab your attention; there isn’t much of a secret; just clear precise details, which represents your skill sets as an Accounts Payable Clerk, to your potential employer. True, there may be volumes of screening before your CV is presented to the actual hiring manager – You may be thinking a complex programme highlighting specific keywords or your CV being lost into a transitional web filing cabinet, but in reality, it’s just another human being, like you and I, reading through your CV in relation to the job description.

I have listed a few pointers below, which should help the next prospective employer or recruiter fully engage with your CV at first instance, with the best results of determining your skill sets and accountabilities.

1)      Dates of Employment/Gaps between Employment

It can be difficult, especially if you have had a lot of temporary/fixed term roles, to keep track of your personal employment history. However, when applying for new roles, many companies and recruiters would like an accurate record of your employment history, especially when performing employment background checks.

If you have a gap in your employment – no problem! You may be actively looking for work, taking some personal time out to travel or even starting your own venture. Whatever you’re doing, if you are looking for new roles, always fill in the gaps between one employment to another with a quick sentence stating the reason for the gap.

2)      Sector Experience

There are literally thousands and thousands of companies in this big wide world – it is always relevant to provide a short summary underneath each of your employment titles to give the reader extra knowledge in regards to your previous sector experience. If you are applying for a role in a similar sector, your CV will definitely grab the reader’s attention.

3)      Systems/MS Excel Experience

Under your profile, it is extremely beneficial to list the finance packages you have had experience of using. It may be, that the company you are applying to are using the same package and, this will again grab the reader’s attention in terms of your experience in relation to the job description.

In addition to this, always put the level of MS Excel experience you have been exposed to; MS Excel is widely in accounting and mentioning you are proficient at VLookUps, Pivot Tables and Formulae will definitely help your application have that extra edge.

4)      Details of  ‘Actual Figures’

Mentioning that you have had experience of reducing the Aged Debtors is a great key achievement within any Accounts Payable role. However, to further engage the reader and really exploit your skills and experience as an Accounts Payable Clerk, you should detail the specific amounts and the dates of which you had achieved this.

And don’t stop at the Aged Debtors; detail the average volume of invoices you have posted; statement reconciliation amounts; BACs and Cheque payment amounts … 

5)      Multi-Currency Experience

Details, details, Details. Mentioning the types of Multi-Currency you have had experience with will further your CV. Bank and statement reconciliations in Multi-Currency will always be complex in relation to the ledger being in Sterling; so don’t stop at ‘Multi-currency reconciliations …’

6)      Cross Departmental Experience

Let’s face it, the Finance Department doesn’t exactly have the best social calendar, especially at month end! Having the ability to communication effectively and build relationships with other departments outside of Finance Department, will inform the reader that you are able to effectively communicate to other members of the company in a less technical format – i.e. not speaking like a calculator!

So that’s the secret … it is all in the details, by answering the questions which are occurring while a potential employer or recruiter are reading your CV at that instant, enables the reader to engage in your CV, which will create a more positive impact on your application.

Now put your new secrets to the test and find your next job as an Accounts Payable Clerk.


Sheba Karamat

Managing Director

Sheba specialises in: Director level position in Marketing, eCommerce, Finance and HR.

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