When did you last update your LinkedIn profile? People only start putting an effort in updating their profile when they are looking for a new job. But you should try to update your Linkedin regularly twice per year. Because you could be missing out on a lot of other opportunities by not keeping your profile up-to-date.

LinkedIn is not only relevant to job seekers but also for problem-solving, idea testing, instant branding feedback and many other areas. Unfortunately more recently, it seems like a place to test your "word search" skills with posts like this:

LinkedIn 2


From a personal development point of view, on LinkedIn, you can network with other professionals in your space without going to hundreds of events every year.  Saves on travel costs.

And last not but least, a well-done LinkedIn profile can make your dream job find YOU!


  1. Customise Your Linkedin URL

You are given a very, very long automatic URL link when you join LinkedIn. This will contain your first and last name and some random numbers only LinkedIn knows what they stand for (Might this be a secret message?). Change it to something more neutral, just to show your professionalism. Since not a lot of people are doing it you still might have a chance to get linkedin.com/firstnamelastname. Unless your name is Jack Smith.  If it is Jack Smith, add your middle name too. Or your dog's name. Alright, your cat's name works as well.

And this is how you do it:

LinkedIn 1


  1. Check Your Profile Picture

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to get the perfect LinkedIn profile picture, but photos with your cat or you holding a bottle of Corona are not appropriate. So make sure your face is seen and that you look confident and successful.


  1. Your Experience

For each work listed, try to write a short description with only a few bullet points. Rather than sharing your daily duties you should talk about your accomplishments in that role. Don’t include irrelevant work experiences like drain unblocking or ping pong champion (actually, do include the ping pong piece...).


  1. Adjust Your Headline

Headlines are the first thing people read on your LinkedIn page. If you are looking for a new job you should make sure that your role title is accurate. Instead of Marketing Guru, you should type in the correct title. If your contract says Digital Support eCommerce & Marketing Executive you should try to shorten it into the most suitable title, f.e. Digital Marketing Executive or eCommerce Executive, depending on your focus at work. This way you will be considered for more job opportunities.


  1. Updates

Share updates that are relevant for your profession every now and then. A lot of people started sharing personal photographs etc. This is not the right place to do so, nor the right place for those "word search" posts mentioned above (for those interested, the first word I see is Chef, great career choice, considering I even manage to burn my toast). 


  1. Sum It Up!

Add a summary to your profile. This will allow you to give people a quick sum up of your experience and skills. We live in a time where people are used to getting compressed information. This way everyone gets the chance to know about your core skills. 


  1. Skills

Your connections can endorse you for your skills. When did you last check how many skills you had listed on your profile? You should consider deleting irrelevant ones or edit the list to group similar skills together. Except for ping pong…


  1. Ask For A Recommendation

There must be at least one person who enjoyed working with you. If not, ask a client who enjoyed working with you. If no one enjoyed working with you, perhaps you should read this first.

So, take few minutes and ask a previous supervisor or co-worker to write a few nice words about you. 1 or 2 recommendations are enough. More than 5 will seem dubious unless you are in the business for over 10 years.

You should offer to write one in return and to make things even easier, you can most probably send a prewritten text to that person.








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