Take a guess on how many CVs a recruitment consultant receives on one position in average?

Around 50 and often more. Sometimes 100+.

Reading these many CVs can be exciting, but at the same time very exhausting. Decisions need to be made quickly. That’s why the first impression counts, because after a few seconds, a consultant will know if your CV fits or not.

If you want to make a good impression with your CV straight away, keep these 7 things OUT of your CV.


  1. Too personal

A recruitment consultant doesn’t need to know about your relationship status, your religion nor your age. Even your hobby is not a must-have if it’s not somehow related to your profession.


  1. References

This information is not needed at the beginning. If a recruiter wants to speak to one of your references he will get in touch with you. Even the line “references upon request” is mostly unnecessary.


  1. smeagol@hotmail.com

If you want to be taken seriously you need to have an (additional) email address which is neutral, for example, your name. 76% of CVs are ignored if the email address is unprofessional.


  1. Toms-Babysitter

Try to list only relevant work experience. Being a babysitter as a student is a wonderful job, but probably not relevant at this stage of your life.


  1. Selfie

Don’t include your picture unless you are applying for a job outside the UK. Some employers will dismiss CVs with a photo immediately to avoid a potential accusation of discrimination.


  1. Liar, liar, pants on fire!

This shouldn’t even be on here, but there are still candidates that think bending the truth is ok. You can add a little sparkle and glam to your CV, but never go overboard. It will come out at one point.


  1. I’m so creative!

Good for you! But 5 different colors, 6 different fonts, underlined and bold words are a no-go. Your CV should be easy to read and professional. We love GIFs as much as you do, but a CV is not the right place for it.


Jeena Minhas

Recruitment Consultant

Jeena specialises in: Project Management, Digital Project Management, Programme Management & Product Managers

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