Let's be honest it can be tough finding a job. And finding a great job in the digital sector can be even tougher. There’s lots of competition and an ever increasing number of qualified graduates entering the sector every year. Our handy guide will help you maximise your chances.


Getting ahead of the digital job competition


According to the Financial Times 250,000 students apply to Goldman Sachs every year. UK Business Insider report UK job seekers have to apply for an average of 27 positions just to get one interview.


We place candidates all the time in a range of great digital businesses so there are plenty of opportunities out there. Like anything in life though you need to put in maximum effort to get ahead of the competition. Iif you follow our handy top 5 tips you will greatly increase your chances of landing your dream digital job.


1. Find, research, learn and live your dream

Not just any dream. Your dream. It’s highly unlikely that your dream job is going to fall in your lap so you need to go out and make it happen. A good starting point is to search and find companies and opportunities that match what you want to do now and will help you reach what you want to do in the future. As part of your search really think precisely what it is you're looking for. Do you like your current role but want to do it in a different environment or sector? Is the size of the company you work for important? Does walking into a huge head office with thousands of employees fill you with excitement or dread? Do you need to move to a different town or area?


Once you’ve narrowed your options down start thinking about how those types of companies operate. What do they do? How do they think? How does their audience think?

What additional skills might you need to work with them? The closer you can make yourself fit with their culture and mindset before you start applying or pursuing opportunities the better your chances of success.


2. Define your search criteria, identify jobs & understand job specs

Make a list of say your top five priorities. That might be to do with company culture, remuneration package, flexible working conditions or it may be a really specific job position. If you truly understand what motivates you it's far more likely that your job search will end successfully.


The next stage is to try and create a list of jobs that you can use in your search. These days with job boards and LinkedIn you'll be able to find lots of opportunities (unless you’re looking for something incredibly niche).


Finally spend time to actually read the job description. It will save time in the long run as you won’t apply for jobs where you are an unlikely candidate. This is also the time to go back and amend or review your search criteria if the jobs you are coming up with don't match your expectations. Perhaps your current experience and skills don't match the job you really want. It may be time to try and learn some new skills or maybe amend your job search - perhaps looking for a role that will build on some the skills you are missing.


3. Polish your CV & LinkedIn profile

A lot of time is invested in creating a CV; the right job determines happiness, wealth and personal success after all. Before a recruiter or potential employer will meet you this CV may be all they have to judge you by - it is your first impression and ultimately determines whether you will get a second. Give yourself the best chance at moving forward by taking care over the details. Our handy guide “Writing a successful CV” gives you plenty of hints and tips on making sure your CV is going to get you an interview.


LinkedIn feels like it's been around forever but in fact it only launched in 2003. It took until 2007/2008 for it to truly go global and push through the 10 million member mark but in the 10 years since it has grown massively. These days it has over 500 million members and was acquired by Microsoft in April 2017. LinkedIn is huge in terms of job hunting - nearly every prospective employee will look at your profile before even inviting you to interview. Make sure you check out our guide 5 quick ways to boost your LinkedIn profile to get a dream digital job”


4. Spread the word #dreamjob

Broadening your social media network is a great way to raise your profile and start to make those connections that could lead to your dream job. Try not to get overwhelmed and try to do everything though - there are more digital channels than hours in the day so stay focussed on ones that are most relevant to your industry and/or job. If you're looking for a job in the creative industry then Instagram and Snapchat are probably your best bet. A role in a top tier accounting firm then LinkedIn will be your choice.


LinkedIn and Facebook have groups for nearly avery interest going. Join some and contribute and start to build a profile.  Engage with your “network” of friends and professional contacts - a lot of jobs aren't advertised so if some of your contacts think you may be interested in opportunities don't be afraid to reach out. Obviously don't compromise your current role by posting something on LinkedIn like “I’m desperate to leave this job”. Even if it's true.


5. Tailor and apply, follow up

One way recruiters and hiring managers screen applicants (remember, some jobs get dozens of applications) is by skimming through their cover letters and CV’s. If you don't have a cover letter stating what value you can bring to the role and how you meet the job description, you won't be taken as seriously as other applicants who did take the time to write a cover letter. Shape both your cover letter and CV to speak to the company, position, key words and job requirements. Having multiple “versions” of your CV can be an effective way of tailoring your experience to a particular role or industry.


Make sure you keep following up until you know the outcome. People are busy so there are plenty of reasons why someone might not update you so just keep trying until you get an outcome.


Also don't forget to register your CV with a leading digital job recruitment company!


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