It’s not all about money. There are many more factors that employees consider when looking for a new job than just the salary. There is big competition out there when looking for top talent so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the most successful businesses are the ones that work the hardest to please their employees.


So, what do you need to provide as an employer to win over your employees?


  1. Difference

Employees want to make a difference with their work. So it is important to give their work a purpose. During a job interview, you should already tell them the importance of the work they will be doing. It might not change the world, but show them how it will change and improve the company.


  1. Responsibility

Trust your employees and show them that you have faith in their abilities by giving them responsibilities. Listen to their ideas and get them involved in fixing problems. Let them work independently but be fair and let them know the boundaries also.


  1. Respect

We are not in the 'Mad Man' era, so treating people rudely or even shouting won’t be effective for the business. You will ruin your reputation and writing reviews on Glassdoor is really easy. Treat your employees with respect and you will realise that it’ll lead to higher productivity and a harmonious atmosphere which will benefit everyone.


  1. Flexibility

Flexible office hours might not work for every business, but as an employer, please make sure your employees have a satisfying work-life balance. Employees report that they are more productive and more engaged in their work when they are able to balance the demands of work with responsibilities in their personal life. So granting earlier leaves, flexible working hours or lunch breaks will only benefit you…… (Unless of course you don’t trust your employees, but this means you have bigger problems anyway.)


  1. Recognition

Appreciation is a basic human need. Unfortunately, people mostly find it easier to point out negativity than positive achievements. This will demotivate your employees. Make it a habit of acknowledging their work, because they will want to be respected and valued for their contribution.

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