We’ve seen it all before about those cowboy recruiters who really do the rest of us no favours with their actions—we’ve even written about it before in our blog “All recruiters are not that bad!”—so lets not go down that negative track, but focus on the positives of a good relationship with your recruiter!


  1. Think of your recruiter as your ‘dating’ platform.

Just like a dating website or a dating app can provide you the information on your future partner and thus future happiness, so does your recruiter hold the key to your dream job (and future happiness!). With so many companies these days focussed on their own clients and consumers they are leaving their talent acquisition to the professionals. But the best piece of advise one can give is that much like dating there should be a certain level of honesty in communication between the recruiter and candidate. So, don’t forget to level with your recruiter about what you want, otherwise, your job interview won’t be what you want!


  1. Your recruiter can advise and prep you for your ‘Valentines date’.

Any good recruiter knows their client well, and knows what fit the client is looking for, not just in terms of skills, but also in terms of a cultural fit.  Your recruiter can advise you on what the company is like to work for and what their company culture is like, so you know leading up to it if it is right for you. They can also advise you what the company is looking for, so you can highlight those attributes for them.


  1. Your recruiter knows your worth

As well as your recruiter knows your potential client, they also make it his or her business to know the "going rate" for job positions. With a recruiter you can be surer of not getting under-paid in your next role, it’s in their best interests too to get you what you deserve and give you advice on this!


  1. They take the hassle out of a job search

A recruiter that has talent he time to get to know you will remember you when a job pops across their desk that requires the skills you possess.  Instead of you spending hours trawling through all of those job ads a good recruiter knows how to get to the point, and they won’t take an inordinate amount of time, yet they very well may have a lot to offer.


  1. Help you to understand your career

Being in the know with jobs, career progression, and what the job market itself is like, recruiters may offer you another perspective on your own career progression that you haven’t thought of, or even been aware of. You might just be surprised by the opportunities available to you that you can shine in with your skills!



The best thing you can do if you work in the digital sector and you have had a bad experience with a recruiter, is get back on the horse and give Opilio a call!


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