The demand for intelligent, passionate driven candidates is high, especially within the Digital Marketing, Media, Mobile and Tech sectors. Unfortunately, the supply is always low. The key to attracting top talent is to ensure you sell the role and the business. It is vital to make what you have to offer stand out to ensure you can recruit the most in-demand candidates.

You have to think that recruiting is all about sales - your first engagement with a candidate and the interview are key opportunities to use to your advantage to convert the candidate into a sale i.e. making them want to come and work for you. You have to make the candidate believe that you are the first choice for employment. You have to ensure you use these part of the recruitment process to make your business the destination of choice.

Here we have 5 key insights that ensure your role and business stand out:

  • You must know what you want before you start engaging and interviewing candidates. You must have a clear defined job spec that highlights what skills, knowledge and behaviour you would expect the job holder to have. If you struggle to attract candidates, then you have to re-think your strategy. Some alterations must be made. If your required list of attributes are too long, take a hard look at the job spec and reconfigure to ensure you are really only including the needs and not the wants that the candidate has to have.
  • Be very clear in your mind what the remuneration and package is on offer. You must include all the intangible benefits.
  • Ensure you candidates have received the job spec and the remuneration before you meet with them. Every hour spent interviewing the wrong candidate has an opportunity cost to you and your business. You must know that the candidate is coming to see you because they have a genuine interest in what they have seen so far.
  • During your interview, be passionate out the job, and remember you are trying to engage with top talent. They are therefore intelligent and capable and they need someone to drive the message home about how much the role could offer them. It is not all about the remuneration / package - what can you offer them to enhance their career, expose them to different environments or projects they can lead? They want to be challenged and involved.
  • Always make your best impression on the candidate, take an interest in them as an individual, make them feel welcomed and show appreciation for his / her time. Keep an open mind and remember that this is your chance to sell to them.

Top businesses succeed because they attract, recruit and retain top talent. It’s simple.

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Charlie Cowin

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