So despite all of the doom and gloom in recent months, the UK job market is forecasted to defy Brexit according to the CBI. Britain’s science and tech sectors are expected to take another leap in hiring! Research by the CBI shows 41% of companies expect to grow their work forces in 2017.

What effect could this have on you when you come to apply for one of these new roles?

Basic economics comes into play here - simple supply and demand. You will see more and more recruiters reaching out to you, in order to see if their client’s role could be of interest to you. Alongside this you will see an increase in the number of roles advertised. Whilst this is initially great news companies will still only want to recruit the best.

In recent months I have had over 250 applications for a senior post I was recruiting for. Now with all of the will in the world, it will always be hard to filter through that many candidates without having some minimum criteria in mind to filter with.

So how do you make sure you STAND OUT from all the other candidates that have been approached or applied to the position?

  • Your CV must be 2 to 3 pages, a 7 page CV never gets read, fact! It must be clear, concise and always highlight your achievements, what you have delivered, in other words what would have not happened, had you not driven it through. Employers want to know you can make a difference.
  • Tables and fancy fonts! This is just a no no. Try imagining yourself having to go through over 250 CVs within a tight deadline, (and that is is just for one role). Keep it simple, basic formatting and highlighting key words is great. Just don’t go overboard.
  • Read the job spec and pick out what you have delivered in line with the requirements. Ensure you add a covering letter / email to your consultant with these key points. I appreciate when you apply for multiple jobs this can be hard, BUT if this is your dream job surely an extra ten minutes of your time is worth it!


Sheba Karamat

Managing Director

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