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Once you’ve secured an interview you should only be one or two steps away from your next big move. Set aside some time to research and prepare for the job interview to give yourself the best chance possible to be successful. This blog looks at preparing some questions to ask the interviewers.

10 digital job interview questions from London, Birmingham & Manchester based recruitment agency

We’ve been operating in the digital recruitment space for a decade, so we know a thing or two about recruiting the best talent. We spend a lot of time preparing our candidates for the job interview process. This blog looks the questions you can ask at the interview but we also have lots of other hints and tips in our blog section that can be found on this link.

The importance of asking questions at your digital job interview

An interview is a two-way process and a conversation. As well as finding out information you want to know it demonstrates your interest in the role and the company. A good tip is to always prepare several questions in case one or two of them get answered unintentionally in the interview prior to your opportunity to ‘ask any questions’. If this is the case, make sure that you don’t ask these questions as you will give the impression that you have not listened in the interview.

Try and pick up on comments throughout the interview about which you can later ask questions, e.g.” You mentioned earlier that a new marketing director has been recently been appointed, how has this impacted on the rest of the team?”

As part of your interview preparation you should look on the company’s website for any latest news or product launches. This can form a great basis for asking topical questions and demonstrates that you have kept an eye on any recent company developments. For example, “I notice that you have just opened a new office in Manchester, is this part of a wider expansion campaign?” or “I notice that you have recently become part of ABC Group, what impact will this have on the company going forward?”

Top 10 questions to ask in your digital job interview

Remember, prepare a few questions in advance but listen to what’s being said at the interview and discard or amend any questions you may have to reflect those conversations. Here are our Top 10 questions for you to ask at your digital job interview. Obviously, you won’t ask all of them but pick and choose the most appropriate for your situation and remember many will be answered during the interview:

  1. What will my responsibilities be?
  2. Where will I fit into the overall organisational structure?
  3. Who will I report to and where do they fit in the structure?
  4. Who will report to me?
  5. What do you expect me to do in the first six months?
  6. What are the chances of advancement or promotion in this position?
  7. What training do you provide and do you provide assistance towards any professional qualifications?
  8. What are your expansion plans?
  9. What has made your company successful?
  10. What happened to the previous job holder?

Questions NOT to ask in your digital job interview

We’ve listed some great question to ask which should demonstrate your enthusiasm and interest in the role and the company but it’s worth mentioning some questions to avoid. The reason for mentioning these is to help you avoid sounding like you are too focussed on working hours and the more functional aspects of the job.

Employers want committed, excited employees who are bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. You will know what the overall package is and this will include holiday entitlement. You can also ask about the “company culture” which will give you an idea of how long people work. If you’re job hunting whilst you have an existing role, chances are you may be interviewing early in the morning or late in the evening anyway so you’ll get an idea how long people work.

Having a flexible attitude is key but avoid just coming out with these three questions straight – it will set off warning bells with some prospective employers:

  1. How much holiday do I get?
  2. What are the working hours?
  3. How long am I going to be here?

Stick to questions that display your enthusiasm, willingness, and ability.

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