While memes are always good for a boost to your digital campaigns, 2015 is going to be a year of building upon the foundations of 2014. Any new marketing strategy should include as standard an interlinking digital marketing strategy.

So what are the things from 2014 you should build on for the new year? I take a look below, and yes while some are obvious, they shouldn’t be forgotten about.

Design With SEO In Mind – When designing a new website, you must always take into account how easy it is to navigate for both users and search engine bots alike. User Experience is key but without SEO your website will lack visitors.

Target Your Long Tail SERPS – With high competition for the top spaces on SERP’s you must develop a strategy which will benefit your business. Don’t spread yourself to thinly across the web, instead pick your battles. Choose a keyword or two to target as a primary goal.

Back Link Strategy – Creating a back link strategy should rise to the top of your list if you’ve yet to create one. Of greater importance is the managing of the back link strategy and identifying any poor quality links. Poor quality links may damage your websites reputation in the eyes of the recent upgrade of Penguin 3.0.

Write a meaningful, engaging blog – Having a blog is important, creating regular posts even more so. Content that engages the reader and starts a discussion gives yourself greater value in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Publish to Social – If you going to create great content, you must be able to publish it. Publishing content throughout the social platforms will give your post the best chance of creating an impression.

Create Bespoke Landing Pages – CTA’s, colours, buttons & layout are all vital to creating a successful landing page which will convert a greater percentage of your visitors. Don’t ask for too many details, First Name, Second Name & Email are more than enough to get the ball rolling.

Create campaigns using RACE – Using the RACE model will help provide a few key answers vital to moulding a successful campaign.

R – Reach: What are the best tactics to reach your target audience?

A – ACT: How will you get your target audience to take action?

C – Convert: How do you get your target audience to convert into paying customers?

E – Engage: How will you ensure your customers stay engaged and reengage with the process?

Use Analytics – Analytics is vital to understanding your website. It shows how your customers use your website and identifies area where customers are leaving. From this analysis you can act, and you must act in order to improve customer retention and conversion rates.

Test, Test & Test Again – Following on from making initial changes, keep track of how successful they are. Then refine again to further boost your efficiency and drive excess costs down. This philosophy isn’t just reserved for your website. It’s vital you test and retest all digital campaigns to ensure you continue to fully maximise your ROI. Multi-Variant testing is fundamental in all forms of marketing.

Key eye on ROI – Online advertising tools allow you to track how successful your digital campaign is. From this you can measure a clear ROI. Utilise the data the tools provide to strengthen your campaign and succeed in gaining a stronger ROI.

Philip Shepherd

Philip Shepherd


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