Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Recruitment Consultant

Emily is our resident Little Miss Sunshine and she has buckets of determination and the will power to match. Would be utterly unbeatable in a pub quiz about Friends the TV show and you would have to have the bravery of a warrior to try and compete with her. Sometimes when there is a full moon Emily can have enough sass to scare even the bravest trying to buy the last Turkey on the shelf on Christmas Eve. She goes above and beyond for her Clients, Candidates and Colleagues and makes everyone laugh with her witty pop culture comments.

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Emily has a really good eye for finding the right role for the candidate. After our first meeting she could tell the roles I'd be interested in, even before I knew I'd be interested in them myself. She is so supportive! I've come across recruiters in the past who push you into any interview hoping you get the job, which Emily completely isn't. She understands if you're having any issues or concerns and talks you through the process. She gives so much time and effort at preparing and supporting you for your interview. Emily's a really calming influence! Thanks a lot Emily.

Alistair Thomson • Candidate

We interviewed a number of candidates and worked with a number of recruitment firms and Opilio have been incredible in the service and experience that Emily has delivered. I have worked with recruitment companies from a personal perspective, with previous companies and I even worked at one for a short while. Never have a had the pleasure of such a professional service. Emily has shown incredible candidate management skills, ensuring they were really prepared and presented in the best way. Dealing with her from a business perspective has been really easy and I can’t think of any other agency we would want to work with again.

James Paul G. • Client

I have been very impressed with Emily's positive attitude and professional advice during my last interview. I feel more confident to find my next role very soon and I am grateful for all the support. The communication has been excellent Emily has always responded in time. I recommend Opilio because of positive experience I've had with them!!

K. Kotecha • Candidate

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Emily specialises in: Account Managers / Directors, Media Sales, Agency Sales, SAAS Sales and Business Development

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